Bronfenbrenner Consulting Group


Bronfenbrenner Consulting Group (BCG) was established as B Squared Consulting (B2) in 1993. Since then the firm has served a broad range of clients in the non-profit and public sectors. In February 2016, B2 was reorganized as BCG under the leadership of co-founder Steven Bronfenbrenner to strengthen and expand our focus on service to non-profit organizations.


The firm’s service philosophy blends management expertise with project consulting. Strong experience as senior managers in the non-profit and public sectors provides an in-depth understanding of and appreciation for the day-to-day realities of governing and managing non-profit institutions. We apply this experience in our consulting projects to provide realistic and quantifiable methods to improve performance and meet strategic goals.

BCG successfully guides projects through developmental and educational processes designed to identify opportunities and challenges. We work effectively with community leaders, designers, managers, presenters, arts advocates, donors, artists, volunteers, educators, and students.


Extensive experience in financial management and consulting enables BCG to analyze complex organizations and identify key issues. We have developed financial forecasts for a wide variety of existing and planned institutions including theaters, performing arts centers, colleges and universities, school districts, social service organizations, symphony orchestras, operas, ballet companies, and museums.

BCG provides interim executive management in a variety of roles for organizations in transition. Our work is often conducted concurrently with a recruitment and retention effort for Chief Executive Officers and senior financial managers.


In addition to helping clients reach their goals, BCG plays a leadership role in the broader cultural community. Our personnel have served as speakers and panelists at numerous conferences and workshops including those sponsored by the League of American Orchestras, Opera America, League of Regional Theatres, United States Institute of Theatre Technology, the National Arts Marketing Conference, the American Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, Dance USA, the Association of California Symphony Orchestras, the Regional Orchestra Managers Association, the International Association of Assembly Managers, and various professional forums sponsored by financial services firms.

About Steven

Steven Bronfenbrenner is a leader and authority in non-profit sector, with a core expertise in sound, innovative, and pragmatic financial management and project leadership.